about me

I started playing the guitar in 2004 when my 8th grade music class learned the first few notes of “Ode To Joy”. After getting the hang of a two-stringed riff, my grandmother bought me my first acoustic guitar and I decided to spend the rest of my life figuring out how to play it.

I spent the next few years playing mostly to myself, but at every family gathering I would be forced to debut the newest tune in my repertoire. Looking back, I’m sure it was all terrible, but my family all seemed to enjoy it– or enjoyed supporting me– and that started to build some confidence. At the end of high school, I was convinced to play and sing to my first non-family audience at an open mic at the student center and began the long process of shedding my stage fright.

Fun fact: the first four chords to that song are tattooed on my left bicep. Bonus points if you can guess it.

In 2016 I started playing gigs in and around the New Hampshire area. At first, I was looping my guitar with the single pedal Boss RC-3 but quickly realized I’d need to upgrade in order to produce the sound I wanted. To this day, I credit the Boss RC-300 as being my best music gear purchase, as it has helped lay the foundation for many of the songs I’ve written and has helped me create arrangements for the cover songs I play nightly. With 3 separate tracks to play with simultaneously, I could be looping vocals as well as guitar and guitar percussion, to make a full band sound by myself. At all my gigs, I try to explain that no pre-recorded noises are coming out of my speakers and that I’m responsible for making all those sounds right then and there.

Recently, I’ve taken up DJing to become a one-stop shop for wedding music from ceremony through reception to the after-party. So with that and the live music I play year-round at various bars and restaurants– I’m bound to figure out how to play the guitar eventually.

Sometimes I exist without a guitar in front of me, but I can promise you I’m more comfortable with one there.